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According to the calendar, there are only 18 days left. I thought it would never come, but here it is — the great adventure only 2 1/2 weeks away.

Really, the adventure has already begun. It began the moment God called me His own, the day He reoriented my life to give Him glory. It continues every day since when He says to me — “Seek My face” and I strive to answer,  “Your face, Lord, do I seek”.  Going to Africa is just another step forward in this heavenward journey.

You better believe I never expected this twist in my story. Even now, with the clock ticking down, I have mini freak-out moments and wonder how and why I am going. There are many other people who seem so much better qualified for this task.

But also, I am grateful. God is wise and I am not. He knows what He is doing when He plucks me out of my comfort zone and no matter where He moves me, I am still within His sight and plan. I am thankful for the way He is growing my heart for the nations and increasing my love for the people around the world who have not heard the gospel. In numerous ways, both large and small, my preparation for Africa is teaching me the reality that Jesus loves me, this I know. This I see. And I am trying to take the time to pause in the flood of grace — to remember all His benefits toward me and to give thanks.

* Thank You, Lord, for Scripture that refreshes me  from selfish and fearful thoughts and redirects my heart to God’s love.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9

* Thank You, Lord, for the times throughout the day when I’ve been “randomly” prompted to pray for my team, for the church in Togo, and the people I will meet there.

* Thank You, Lord for the special moments of drinking tea with my sisters, mulching with my dad, walking with my mom, catching up over coffee with dear friends. These are treasures I’ll take with me.

* Thank You, Lord for a recent Bible study learning about the attributes of God and being reminded of Who it is who calls me and promises to faithfully complete His work in me.

* Thank You, Lord for showing Yourself overwhelmingly strong in my life through the abundant love and generosity of my friends. I honestly never expected to have so much encouragement and so many individuals supporting me. When a friend, or even in some cases, a person I hardly know, tells  me they are praying for me or are donating to my funds, it is a humbling and wonderful reminder that Someone is working behind the scenes of a story much bigger than me.

These pictures are from a fundraising night hosted by the amazing coffee shop where I work. It was a great night, not only because I was able to raise a significant contribution to my trip fund, but mostly because my friends were tangible reminders that God has a heart for the nations and He delights in using us to make His name known.

I am going to Africa because God is so good. All the time and everywhere! 

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2 thoughts on “grateful

  1. Oh this is so exciting Becky! I am so happy that you have this blog so I can see what you are doing and how your trip to Africa will be like!

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