From the Heart

Give thanks to the Lord for He is VERY VERY Good!

I woke up this morning to the sound of children squealing outside. My mosquito net swung in a gentle warm breeze and I breathed in the rich African air.

Yes, I have arrived on African soil, safe, sound and so happy!!!

I cannot express the overwhelming sense of joy and gratefulness I feel at this moment.

There is so much to say. We landed in Lome around 7pm local time (we are 4 hours ahead of EST) and were warmly welcomed by the staff here at the Pioneers Togo mission house. This house will be our main base and the room are air conditioned! We were treated to a delicious dinner the first night that included the best pineapple I have ever tasted. The people here are so welcoming and loving, I already feel at home! It is amazing how the love of Christ binds believers from all around the world.

Last night I took my first bucket show and slept under a mosquito net for the first time. This morning we began Orientation classes taught by two of that pastor missionaries here. We learned about all the villages, religions, and cultures that they are reaching around the country. On Monday we will begin our first journey to a northern village. We also had classes on sharing the gospel using “orality” or a story-telling method. Today we are working on learning several Bible stories to use as teaching tools.

Out the upstairs balcony, we have a birds-eye view of the Lome streets — unlike anything I have ever seen. The roads are dirt and full of ruts and holes. There are many cars and many many more motorcycles. Vendors selling food, trinkets and clothes line the streets and their children chase each other, laughing and shouting. There is a coconut tree and a mango tree in our front yard and colorful lizards running around the rocks. The children have started peeking in the gate into our front yard and we had fun this morning playing ball and giggling together. Everyone smiles in the same language.

God’s grace in bringing us here is already so evident. He has kept us safe and healthy thus far. We are incredibly excited to see how He will show us more of Himself in this beautiful part of His creation!

Thank you for your prayers! Hopefully I’ll be posting another update soon. Once we leave on Monday, most likely we will not have internet access so I’ll try to get in some prayer requests and updates before then.

For now, we’re going to the market. We are eager to get out and see the people!


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  1. We are so glad you are there and living out the desire God placed in your heart. Praise The Lord for His mercies in seeing you all safely there. Enjoy the adventure, work hard and glorify Him.
    We saw the rest of your family yesterday at Amy’s graduation party – it was great to reconnect with them and to hear your parents talk about your missions trip. We missed you though!
    In Christ,

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