The Story

proThis is a story in progress.

I hope you aren’t expecting a high-speed, page-turner because you probably won’t find it here.

This is just the story of a fairly normal twenty-three year old American girl trying to say “yes” to whatever abnormal life her God calls her to live.

I write a lot. I write in one of my six journals, I write on church bulletins, I write on napkins in the car while I’m driving. Because the lessons of this life need to be recorded. Because the day-to-day everyday faithfulness of God need to be remembered. As I write, I learn, I remember, and I grow.

I’m a new wife, married to a guy with the biggest bravest heart I know. It amazes me how his hands can both wrangle a 1500 pound cow and pluck the most soulful tunes on guitar strings. Less than a year in, marriage has already been the greatest adventure of my life. Two weeks after the wedding, we packed our gifts and few belongings and headed west. We are settling into the our new home in the Gallatin Valley of Montana. We love living in the Big Sky country where there is always more beauty to find and more mountains to climb.

I’m Registered Dietitian. This might explain why I put spinach in my smoothies and black beans in my brownies. It also might explain why I have a burden for people who struggle with eating on a daily basis. My long term goal is to work in ministry with malnourished populations, both around the world and here at home. I have a pull on my heart to learn more about this world and its people. Spending two months in Togo, Africa during my junior year of college taught me that it is possible to love a group of people you barely know, who don’t speak your language but who share the same Image as you. I’m not the “missionary type” (I love the comforts of America and the security of home and familiarity) yet I feel God has given me this great love and longing that distracts me from the normal life I am trying to live. I don’t know where His call is going to take me or what obstacles it’s going to guide me over.

But I do know I was created for His glory and however He chooses to display Himself through me, I want to be willing. He is the Great and All-Sufficient One. It is His Gospel that changes lives. He is the Treasure, filling this broken jar of clay, showing that the power belongs to Him and not to me.

One of my “mentors,” Mother Theresa said: “I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.”

So I keep moving forward and scribbling on, watching His story unfold. Welcome.

photo by Elina Hope Photography


5 thoughts on “The Story

  1. Your story is beautiful! Thanks for blogging about what God is doing in your life! (I love the “sleep is a waste of time,” part! I agree!)

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